MathGym (Faculty Tutor Q&A Centre in Mathematics)

How the Centre Operates

You can make appointments with the Centre by registering through our online booking system. You must book a meeting at least 24 hours ahead. Our tutors will then have enough time to email you the Zoom link with its password. Each appointment is 10 minutes long.

CANCELLATION:If it is necessary to cancel an appointment, you should cancel your appointment on the day BEFORE your appointment. If you need to cancel on the day of your appointment, please e-mail

CANCELLATION ON THE DAY OF YOUR APPOINTMENT: If you need to cancel on the day of your appointment, please e-mail to

BEING LATE: If you are more than 5 minutes late for a scheduled appointment, you are considered a "no show" and your time will be given to a student who is waiting for a walk-in consultation via Zoom.

Please make proper use of the online booking system since there are many students who really need the help provided by the Centre. Abusing the system will make tutors ineffective and less able to help students in need.

If the Centre is busy, the tutor should spend at most 10 minutes with each student. Please give your fellow students an opportunity to ask questions. You will likely have another chance to ask questions. You may also find it useful to ask if anybody else in Zoom has the same question as this will allow the tutor to assist several students at once. Students should come in prepared and should already know what question(s) they will ask.